Medication Compliance and Adherence

medication-compliance-and-adherenceIt is a privilege to have easy access to healthcare treatments and pharmaceutical products to treat our diseases. Sadly, others do not, especially those who live remotely or have no primary care provider to offer or recommend such.

But despite that access to medical interventions, why do many people still experience prolonged hospitalization and worsening conditions? Failure to adhere and comply can be culprits.

There is a difference between adherence and compliance. But these two are both essential in the treatment and maintenance of disease. Medication adherence is when people refill their prescriptions regularly, while compliance is when they take those drugs as prescribed.

However, many people fail to refill and miss their pills – leading to complications, side effects, and no signs of improvement. These can be due to financial incapacity, distance to their source, forgetfulness, and other reasons. And that is why as a provider of Home Care in Massachusetts, we recommend patients set reminders when to buy and take their medicines on time.

Should you get Senior Care to be able to comply? Yes, you may!

Then, for your medication administration and management, you can rely on our Home Health Care in Woburn, Massachusetts. Our happy helpers from EdgeLIFE Healthcare, Inc. will be glad to be of service. Call us at 857-524-5122.

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