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Our mission is to provide the best professional client-centered care to communities in greater Boston area and beyond. At EdgeLIFE Healthcare, Inc., we pride in putting a personal touch in providing quality services to our clients. We provide the best medical professionals, medical support, teaching and evaluation. We walk our clients through their different sicknesses to wellness and beyond in the comfort of their homes or group homes, and independent assisted living facilities. Our ultimate mission is to provide the best home health care in the whole country.

EdgeLIFE Healthcare, Inc. will be the home health care agency of choice in greater Boston and beyond. By the year 2030 we see ourselves offering services not only in Massachusetts but also in surrounding states such a New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey as well as Pennsylvania. By 2022, our company will be the recognized name brand in the USA and will be the company of choice for all home health care needs providing services to baby boomers and younger adults with medical as well as psychiatric needs.

caregiver and senior woman
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