Preventing Falls in Seniors


We hope that getting hurt by falling will be the last thing you and your senior loved one have to be concerned about.

As a reputable company providing home health care in Woburn, Massachusetts, EdgeLIFE Healthcare, Inc. is advocating healthy living practices for all individuals. As a result, fall prevention has become ingrained in our care services.

There are several reasons you may trip and fall: your senses— vision, hearing, and reflexes may have weakened with aging. Health complications such as diabetes or heart illness can also affect balance. Your medication can cause dizziness as a side effect. And other factors include risks at home or in the neighborhood.

In order to prevent a fall at home, our professional caregivers providing home care in Massachusetts have put together a list of basic guidelines:

  • Make a doctor’s appointment.
    By consulting your doctor, you can learn about your medication’s side effects, get your vision and hearing checked, and learn about physical activity programs you can do to stay active.
  • Remove household hazards.
    It’s best to work with your family and a senior care professional to identify potential fall hazards. Clearing clutter like cables, newspapers, and boxes and rearranging furniture and equipment might help.
  • Illuminate your home.
    A well-lit home will help you avoid tripping over unrecognizable items.
  • Wear practical shoes.
    Protect your feet with non-skid rubber-soled low heels or lace-up shoes with non-skid soles.
  • Use assistive device.
    If you have trouble feeling stable while walking, consider using an assistance device. Canes and walkers can help prevent falls.

The consequences of a fall can differ from person to person. Even though tripping in the restroom may seem little to others, it can lead to major problems, including hip fractures in elderly people.

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