Assisting Seniors in Grocery Shopping


Helping seniors stay independent in doing tasks is one of the aims of Senior Care. It keeps the pride of the elderly patients and gives them a sort of confidence. However, there are instances when they will need a little guidance.

Grocery listing and shopping are some of the tasks of companions from a Home Care in Massachusetts. But when elders want to do it themselves, how could attendants help them do this task with minimal assistance?

  • Help them in listing details.
    You can lend a hand to them when listing items. Some seniors can have weak hands and can no longer write. So you may as well take down notes for them while they dictate the things they want to buy.
  • Assist them while shopping around.
    You can let the elderly choose but help get items out of their reach, then carry heavy grocery bags for them after.
  • Teach them how to do online shopping.
    If shopping outside is not possible, teach seniors how to use online shopping applications. That way, they can still shop on their own. But make sure to remind them of the dangers of making online purchases and guide them, especially when using credit cards.

These and more are some ways to help our dear elders to retain their happiness and avoid self-pity. Let seniors decide on tasks they believe they can still do to keep their dignity and sense of pride.

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