Helping Seniors Manage Diabetes Symptoms

Helping Seniors Manage Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death and disability — not just in the United States, but the entire world. If left unmanaged, your loved ones can be in danger of experiencing complications that may cost them their health and safety as well. Professional senior care services can help your loved ones manage diabetes symptoms more effectively.

As an experienced provider of home health care in Woburn, Massachusetts, we at EdgeLIFE Healthcare, Inc. can help seniors with diabetes address the following:

  • Maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
    Our caregivers can keep a daily record of blood glucose readings, exercise and meal schedule, medicine schedule, and important doctor’s appointments. They can also monitor the patient’s moods throughout the day.
  • Encourage healthy oral hygiene.
    Caregivers can help seniors prevent gum disease, which can cause major complications for patients with diabetes.
  • Encourage safe exercising.
    Although exercise is proven to be healthy for all, it still poses a few dangers to older adults that can be better avoided if assisted by a professional caregiver.
  • Support healthy stress management practices.
    Stress can negatively affect a diabetic patient’s blood pressure and blood sugar levels. A professional caregiver can help seniors manage stress by engaging them in activities that help counteract the effects of stress.

Keep your loved ones safe and healthy — get professional home care in Massachusetts from us today!

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