Ensuring a Fast Recovery After a Surgery

Ensuring a Fast Recovery After a Surgery

So you’ve made it through surgery and you’re now recovering. What’s next?

Don’t be too quick to get on your feet. Your next priority is to make sure you heal properly from your operation to reduce scarring, prevent infections, and avoid other possible complications.

As a provider of home health care in Woburn, Massachusetts we make sure that our patients recover fast from their surgery. Here are some tips from our experts:

  • Follow your doctor’s instructions.
    While some instructions from your doctor may seem silly and unnecessary, they are there for a reason. Not following them may cause prolonged issues such as infections, tearing, or excessive bleeding.
  • Eat right.
    Even if you may not feel hungry or want to eat it is important to eat a healthy diet that promotes healing. Avoid sports drinks and sugary foods.
  • Don’t skip follow-up appointments.
    You may feel physically better, but there may be internal problems you are not able to see. These can be easily managed by consulting your trusted physician regularly, which is why follow-ups are important.
  • Ask for help.
    Ask for assistance with daily tasks, especially those involving your health. Our professional nursing staff can help you with that, including pain management and medication intake.
  • Get moving carefully.
    Taking short walks helps prevent complications such as pneumonia and deep vein thrombosis.

Are you or your loved one need help for post-operative recovery? You may benefit from home care in Massachusetts. EdgeLIFE Healthcare, Inc. will make sure you get the care you need as you recover.

We also provide other services such as skilled nursing, home health aide, homemaking, and senior care.

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