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Physical and Mental Benefits of Yoga

You may have heard of yoga being promoted along with meditation as a means for health and wellness, but what is it really and how does it help you stay healthy? According to osteopathic.org, yoga aims to build strength, awareness, and harmony...

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COVID-19 News

Every day, the number of cases of those who have contracted the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) continue to rise, and the local and national health authorities recommend everybody to follow safety protocols to mitigate the spread of the...

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EdgeLIFE Healthcare, Inc.

See what’s new at EdgeLIFE Healthcare Inc

Keep updated with our recent news, events, and announcements. Home Health Care Agencies www.homehealthcareagencies.com OCTOBER 2014 Exciting times as we complete our certifications and assemble a fantastic clinical team. We have formed...

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